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PEN Georgia statement regarding the Russian law about foreign agent bill

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No to Russian Law!
PEN Georgia along with writers, translators, publishers, and professionals in the field of literature condemns the Georgian government for its attempt to resurrect the Russian “foreign agent” bill. 
By reintroducing the law on foreign agents, the Georgian government and the ruling party take treacherous steps against our European future. With putting the Russian law into action, the Georgian government voluntarily refuses to seize the historical opportunity of the expansion of the EU together with Moldova and Ukraine. 
Breaking promises, abandoning friends in trouble, collaborating with the enemy, bowing to the strong, and oppressing the weak never was and will be a part of Georgian character. 
Georgian literature has always manifested the fundamental beliefs and values of the Georgian people, sharing the spirit to fight against invaders, protect the oppressed, defeat death, and fight for freedom. 
Therefore, we call on the Georgian people, not to accept the violent actions of traitors, who broke their word not to propose Russian law again. We call on the Georgian people to resist another attempt to Russify our country in all possible forms and methods and not to collaborate with the government in the betrayal of Georgian statehood.
Let us once again remind you that on the 35th anniversary of April 9, we are still fighting against Russia. The heroes of this day brought Georgia’s independence and freedom at the cost of their lives and it is the responsibility of every Georgian citizen to protect it today!
The statement is signed by 114 people - writers, translators, publishers, literary critics and literature managers. The list of signatories is being updated with every new signature.