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Authorities dissolve the PEN Belarus

ავტორის გვერდი pencenter.ge 2021-08-10 4137
On August 9, the Supreme Court of Belarus ruled to close down the PEN Belarus. The head of the organization is Nobel Prize-winning writer Svetlana Aleksievich. 
A large wave of protests after the 2020 elections was violently suppressed by the Lukashenko regime. The repressions continue till this day. According to international NGOs, up to 35,000 people have been arrested so far, hundreds of whom have been tortured.
PEN Georgia expresses solidarity with its Belarusian colleagues, who faced enormous challenges during the dictatorship. We condemn the open war of the Lukashenko regime against the peacefull  citizens and hope that this struggle will soon end with the victory of the free people.
PEN Georgia
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