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Statement of Pen Georgia regarding the case of Samira Bairamova

სამირა ბაირამოვა
ავტორის გვერდი pencenter.ge 2022-03-21 4076
On March 14, the Marneuli office of the Conservative Movement was painted in the colors of the Ukrainian flag by local human rights activist Samira Bairamova. Bairamova's non-violent act was followed by verbal violence by the Conservative Movement (aka Alt Info) and a public threat against the activist. 
Since we are dealing with a violent organization that has been involved in similar actions before, we believe that a timely response is needed.
Pen Georgia calls on the relevant state entities to take timely and drastic steps to ensure the safety of the human rights defender.
Pen Georgia supports Samira Bairamova who is trying to protest peacefully and legally.
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