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PEN Georgia’s statement concerning closing down of several TV shows at the Public Broadcaster

პენის ლოგო
ავტორის გვერდი Paata Shamugia 2023-12-18 5349
The Public Broadcaster of Georgia is shutting down one channel and 6 TV shows starting from 2024; among them are several shows with highest rating scale and the reason behind this is explained to be the move to a new building and the increase of organizational expenses.
Cancelling an extremely popular TV Show “The Unbearable Lightness of Gorgiladze” by writer Davit Gorgiladze has stirred a lot of discontent among the public, a petition has been initiated and signed by more than 3600 people to support the show.
PEN Georgia expresses its solidarity with Davit Gorgiladze and with all journalist, whose shows have been shut down and calls upon the Public Broadcaster to insure freedom, diversity and political impartiality of its broadcast programming.
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