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Special statement of Pencenter Georgia

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On June 20, a demonstration was held on Rustaveli Avenue, which the government responded to disproportionate use of force.
They targeted the demonstrators and journalists. According to doctors, some of the participants have lost sight, dozens of people are injured, and many protesters are imprisoned.
The journalist of public broadcaster, Nika Mukhigulashvili is beaten. Police demanded him to stop filming and when he refused, he was severely beaten. The rubber bullet hit the Rustavi 2 journalist Tamar Baghashvili, cameraman’s of  Public Broadcaster  and Rustavi2,  On.ge and Civil.ge journalists.
The Pencenter of Georgia is demanding  the immediate release of political prisoners which were arrested during the demonstration, and urges the authorities to respond to the emergency session and immediately announce early elections.
We remind you that the action was initiated by the visit of Kremlin deputies in the Parliament of Georgia. The protest was caused by the fact that these MPs have recognized occupied territories of Georgia as independent countries. Several participants of the demonstration tried to break the police cordon, which resulted in the use of disproportionate force by the police and the Special Forces.
Pencenter of Georgia
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