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Iva Pezuashvili is a new president of PEN Georgia

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PEN Georgia elections were held on September 15, 2022. Two candidates were nominated: Giorgi Maisuradze and Iva Fezuashvili. One of the candidates, Erekle Deisadze, withdrew his candidacy.
According to the procedures, the candidates presented the theses of their action program and additionally answered the questions of the members regarding the future plans. Immediately after that, the voting process was held. Iva Fezuashvili won with the majority of votes.
Iva Fezuashvili is a laureate of Saba, Tsinandli and European Union literary prizes.
PEN Georgia is an international organization which protects the freedom of expression of writers. The previews president of PEN Georgia was Paata Shamugia, who was elected to this position in 2018. Before that the organization was headed by Rati Amaglobeli.
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